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Universal Cables NJOKA CABLE®™­ Anti-Theft Conductor Product Range

Universal Cables is proud to announce that the first product in the NJOKA CABLE®™ Anti-Theft conductor cable range has been launched.

 The Njoka Cable®™ Irrigation and Pivot Cable is officially available and for sale to OEM's and the agricultural industry as an alternative to the solid aluminium and copper cables currently on the market.

11 October 2013 will be remembered as a truly special day by all involved with the research and development of the patented NJOKA CABLE®™ product range. Universal Cables took delivery of the first batch NJOKA Irrigation and Pivot cable manufactured, using the specially developed and patented combination Aluminium and Copper conductor.

Developing a truly unique product like NJOKA CABLE®™ doesn't happen over night and not without delays and setbacks, but we are satisfied with the results and feedback received from our clients.

NJOKA CABLE®™ was born out of the need to provide an alternative product to farmers and OEM's for pivot and irrigation equipment to curb the financial losses suffered due to theft of standard copper and aluminium cable.

We are confident that the special bi-metal conductor used in all NJOKA CABLE®™ products will discourage criminals.

           Njoka Pivot Cable